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Other USSR Space Flight Covers


  • Special sale of Swanson Printed Cachet Covers from USSR for Russian space flights, cancelled in Moscow Russia. With two color cachets and appropriate space stamps for postage.
  • Carl Swanson, the artist of these cachets, is the same artist who drew the cachets for the SpaceCraft Cachets, (the "Cadillac" of space cacheted covers that were issued from 1960 through 1975).
  • These Swanson cacheted covers were issued in quantity of only 500 for each USSR space flight, according to information published in the "SpaceCraft Covers" book issued by Charles J. Vukotich, Jr.
  • All covers are undressed unless otherwise noted

Price List

MARS 2 spacecraft orbits Mars, automatic interplanetary station. SWANSON PRC. IMAGE

LUNA 20 launch, to land on moon, obtain lunar samples and return. SWANSON PRC. IMAGE

METEOR 11 Launch, high altitude weather satellite. SWANSON PRC. IMAGE

French satellite SRET-1 and Soviet MOLNIYA 1 satellite launched in tandem in Soviet-French Space Cooperation Program. SWANSON PRC.

INTERCOSMOS 6 launch, A soviet-block international communications satellite. SWANSON PRC. IMAGE

PROGNOS 1 launch, A satellite to measure radio waves and forecast solar radiation. SWANSON PRC. IMAGE

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Other USSR Space Flight Covers

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