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Apollo 16
Tracking Station Covers

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APOLLO 16 was the fifth lunar landing flight. The astronauts on this flight were: John Young, the Commander, Tom Mattingly, the Command Module Pilot and Charles Duke, the Lunar Module Pilot. A Lunar Roving Vehicle was used for the second time on the Moon to transport the astronauts. It traversed over 16 miles on the Moon, exploring the highlands of Descartes. Almost 200 pounds of Moon rocks were collected on this flight by Astronauts Duke and Young . Significant dates of the Apollo 16 flight:
  • 04/16/1972 Launch date
  • 04/20/1972 Moon Landing date
  • 04/21/1972 Lunar Rover on the Moon
  • 04/23/1972 Moon Liftoff date
  • 04/27/1972 Splashdown date

The covers on this list may or may not be addressed, (if addressed it can be either by rubber stamp, label or typed, anything other than as noted here will be specified). However many of these covers are unaddressed.

Tracking station covers may have a dated postmark on any day of the flight, sometimes the date may be after the splashdown date due to various conditions, such as postoffice being closed or there was a delay in getting the covers to the postoffice, usually because the servicer was tracking the spacecraft!

The majority of these tracking station covers have some sort of cachet provided by the tracking station (which can be a rubber stamp or label cachet) or just a station return address. Private cachet(s) may have been applied to further describe the flight.

The first part of the description is the postmark city and state or country as shown on the cover.

The rest of the description tells something about that particular tracking station, such as:

  1. What kind of tracking station it is.
  2. What kind of a cachet it has.
  3. If it has an autograph of importance (however many covers also may be autographed and not noted).
  4. If it is cancelled on a significant date during the Apollo flight, otherwise the date on the cover could be any date during the flight or a few days later (as explained above).
  5. If it has a special postage stamp affixed.
  6. And other notes that tell about the cover.

Some cover may be listed two or more times, depending on the difference between them, such as if autographed or not, or if it has a special postage stamp affixed or cancelled on a different date of significance, etc.


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Price List

MT. HAMILTON CALIFORNIA, Lick Observing Station.

ASCENSION ISLAND, cancelled late: 08/29/1972 NASA Tracking Station. cover has Ascension space stamp affixed.

FREEPORT GRAND BAHAMA, USAF/Eastern Test Range Tracking Station.

BERLIN WEST GERMANY, Wilhelm Foerster-Sternwarte.

MUNSTERE WEST GERMANY, poor cancel on this cover. Max Planck Radio Astronomy Institute.

GRAND TURK, TURKS ISLAND, USAF/Eastern Test Range Tracking Station.

ASCENSION ISLAND, Cable & Wireless/Comsat Earth Station, Cover has Ascension space stamp of Galileo and Moon affixed.

WASHINGTON D.C., Naval Research Laboratory, with special cachet, postmarked 04/21/1972 (Moon rover excursion date) on Apollo 15 twin stamps.

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