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1975 through 1977

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Space Voyage Cachets:
1970-74 | 1975-77 | 1978-80 | 1981-88 | Halley's Comet


Special sale of satellite/spacecraft launch covers and satellite/spacecraft special event covers. All are multicolored SPACE VOYAGE printed cachets.

  • All covers are now listed in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER (Earliest dated cover first, latest dated cover last).
  • The ITEM ID column is NOW the date of the cover, in this sequence: Year-Month-Day.
    ...............thus 19750408 is year 1975, 04th month, 08th day.
  • A suffix letter may be added to some LIST ID numbers to differentiate between different events, cancels, etc.
  • All covers are the standard U.S. size (number 6) unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are unaddressed unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are cacheted and a brief description is given of the event being commemorated. The multicolored SPACE VOYAGE cachet shows the satellite or spacecraft with appropriate detailed text
  • Since many collectors collect certain events depending of the rocket launch vehicle, I am now adding that information if it is noted on the cachet, by adding it at the end of the description in this form: (Atlas), (Titan 3b) etc. etc.
  • Where stamp(s) used on the cover are significant such as being related to the event or location, they will be described. Otherwise the stamp(s) used on the cover may be a flag stamp, a space stamp , a definitive or an unrelated issue.
  • If covers are autographed they are genuine.
  • When ordering, it is IMPORTANT that you order by LIST ID as well as ITEM ID. Please use the ORDER FORM.


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MARINER 10 ENCOUNTERS PLANET MERCURY, primary objective: to study planet's magnetic field. Will investigate solar wind and cosmic ray particles. Third and final flyby, takes over 600 TV pictures at 198 miles. Mariner 10 was launched 11/03/1973.

DB: stats: tusd(102,1,101,0)

Space Voyage Cachets:
1970-74 | 1975-77 | 1978-80 | 1981-88 | Halley's Comet

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