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STS-8 Challenger
Space Shuttle Cover

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STS-8 Flown in space cover

STS-8 Challenger Space Shuttle Cover FLOWN IN SPACE

  • Carried into space aboard the Space Shuttle "Challenger" this NASA cover is a key item for a Space topical collection - and it's a beauty! Truly, a space collection centerpiece.
  • These are the first covers to be carried into space aboard the Space Shuttle and then made available to the public.
  • In 1983, the United States Postal Service arranged with NASA to carry 165,000 covers on the "Challenger" spacecraft. The cover shown here is one of them. Each cover has a unique serial number on the backside
  • Each cover comes with informative illustrated six page color folder on the flight of the STS-8 Space Shuttle. This 8 1/2 x 11 inche folder, issued by the USPS/NASA has a place where the flown cover can me mounted on one page to see the front and back side it.
  • The front side of this folder is shown below.

General Notes

  • All items are covers unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are the standard U.S. #6 size (approximately 6 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches), as collected in the USA, unless otherwise noted.
  • Foreign covers may be slightly smaller in size than the standard U.S. #6 size and if so, their size will NOT be noted. Any cover larger than a number 6 size will be noted or any item of an unordinary size will be so noted.
  • All covers are unaddressed unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are cacheted unless otherwise noted. A brief description of the cachet is given of the event being commemorated.
  • If covers are autographed they are genuine, unless otherwise noted.
  • Where stamp(s) used on the item are of significance, such as being a space stamp or a flag stamp or related to the event or location, it will be described. Otherwise the stamp(s) used on the item may be a definitive issue or an unrelated commemorative issue, and will not be described.
  • Items listed here may not be listed in any particular order.
  • Please print out the ON-LINE ORDER FORM and use it to mark down the covers you need. When ordering, please mark the LIST ID as well as ITEM ID.


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Price List

SPACE SHUTTLE CHALLENGER STS-8 LAUNCH COVER, FLOWN IN SPACE. This NASA cover carried into space has a special 08/14/1983 pictorial slogan machine cancel from Kennedy Space Center FL on a $9.35 Eagle and Moon Express Mail stamp (#1909). This cancel has text reading "Space Mail/Orbited via STS-8, NASA, 25th Anniversary 1958-1983". plus 2 additional postmarks, #1 reads: "Launched Aboard Challenger, Aug. 30, 1983". #2 reads "Returned to Earth, Edwards AFB, CA., Sep. 5, 1983". Cover has a multicolored NASA printed cachet (unidentified) of the STS-8 mission patch/emblem. Back of the cover has an additional "Returned to Earth" cancel and a 3 color printed cachet of the pictorial slogan cancel for the 25th Anniversary of NASA. Each cover individually numbered on the back by NASA/USPS. Included with the cover is an informative illustrated six page color folder on the flight of the STS-8 Space Shuttle, issued by NASA/USPS. IMAGE

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Front side of STS-8 folder
Front side of the 8 1/2 x 11 inch STS-8 folder.

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