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  • All covers are unaddressed unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are the #6 size as collected in the USA unless otherwise noted.
  • All autographs are genuine.
  • MOST of these covers are one each available, and each cover is described fully so that you know what you are buying.
  • Most stamp(s) on these covers are described, if not they can be any commemorative or definitive issue.
  • When ordering, it is IMPORTANT that you order by "LIST ID" as well as "ITEM ID". Please use the ORDER FORM.


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Price List

USS INTREPID, GEMINI 3 PRIME RECOVERY SHIP for the flight of Astronaut Grissom & Young, March 23, 1965 AM machine cancel (cancel not all readable as it falls on portion of 1 cent stamp and on Mercury capsule space stamp (#1193), with purple Navy rubber stamp cachet for the Gemini 3 recovery. Pen address.

USS WASP, SCARCE "CAPTAINS COVER", GEMINI 9 PRIME RECOVERY SHIP for the flight of Astronauts Cernan & Stafford, 06/06/1966 AM hand cancel on a 3 cent commemorative stamp (see note at end), with official ships brown printed cachet for the Gemini 9 recovery showing Gemini capsule and the Agena target vehicle, it gives coordinates and printed signature of the ships Commanding Officer. NOTE:This is most likely a backdated cover. Ray E. Cartier in his Primary Recovery Ship Cover Handbook states "All covers with 3 cent postage are suspected of being backdated". IMAGE

USS LAKE WASP, SCARCE "CAPTAINS COVER", GEMINI 12 PRIME RECOVERY SHIP, for the flight of Astronauts Lovell & Aldrin, November 15, 1966, PM hand cancel, on a 8 cent airmail stamp, with blue & gray ships printed cachet for the Gemini 12 recovery by the Atlantic Fleet. Unaddressed. Cover size 7-1/2" x 4". IMAGE

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Prime Recovery Ship Lists:
Gemini | Apollo 11 | Other Apollo Recovery Ships

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