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USS Constellation Ship Cover.
Example of a Navy ship cancelled cover
with the ships rubber stamp cachet.

Specific Notes for this list of U.S. Naval Covers

  • The majority of the covers on this list are addressed in some way, either typed, rubber stamped, label, penned etc, very few are unaddressed, so no mention of the kind of address on cover is given.

  • Expect to find toned envelopes on the early covers through the 1940's, with lesser toning on later dated covers. Toning, which is a discoloration of the envelope, making it a tan or off color white, occurs due to aging and the poor quality of paper used in making the envelope, it is also caused by acid in the paper. Depending on the glue used in sealing the sides and on the flap of the cheaper envelopes, the glue, as it ages, will bleed through to the front side of the envelope, this can also be expected on the cheaper grade of envelopes.
  • If covers are excessively toned or have bleed through of the gum to the front of the cover, it will be noted. On occasion, some covers may be actually different colored envelopes depending on the paper used in their manufacture. These colors, for the most part, will not be noted.
  • Where I list a "generic" cachet in the description it means that the ship name is not in the cachet even tho it is a naval cachet.
  • Where I list the term "Corner Card" in the description it means a return address on cover. (This is a philatelic term that doesnt make sense to me but it's used by serious collectors).
  • Many cachets have other topics besides ships depicted in them and for the topicalist I have listed these topics after the cachet where applicable in parenthesis, such as (missile), (octopus), (fish), (cake) etc.
  • While the majority of the covers on this list are U.S. Navy covers, I have also included covers from Motor Vessels, Research Vessels, and other covers having to do with ships, and will be adding related ship covers, including pictorial postmarks or cancels about ships, deep sea exploration covers, expedition covers, foreign ship covers etc. These covers will be at the bottom of the list.

General Notes

  • All items are covers unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are the standard U.S. #6 size (approximately 6 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches), as collected in the USA, unless otherwise noted.
  • Foreign covers may be slightly smaller in size than the standard U.S. #6 size and if so, their size will NOT be noted. Any cover larger than a number 6 size will be noted or any item of an unordinary size will be so noted.
  • All covers are unaddressed unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are cacheted unless otherwise noted. A brief description of the cachet is given of the event being commemorated.
  • If covers are autographed they are genuine, unless otherwise noted.
  • Where stamp(s) used on the item are of significance, such as being a space stamp or a flag stamp or related to the event or location, it will be described. Otherwise the stamp(s) used on the item may be a definitive issue or an unrelated commemorative issue, and will not be described.
  • Items listed here may not be listed in any particular order.
  • Please print out the ON-LINE ORDER FORM and use it to mark down the covers you need. When ordering, please mark the LIST ID as well as ITEM ID.


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Price List

USNS ALTAIR (TAKR 291), Ships Master corner card, with ships official rubber stamp marking, with a very light Army Postal Service machine cancel, cover is also marked "3 cent postage due".

USS AMPHION (AR-13), 15th Birthday Ships rubber stamp cachet. (octopus, fish, cake) IMAGE

USS ANTIETAM (CG-54), Ships rubber stamp cachet plus one line rubber stamp: "Operation Desert Storm" and penciled in: "3rd Am. Air Strike against Baghdad".

USS BLUE RIDGE (LCC-19), Ships rubber stamp cachet (orbiting satellite)

USS BUFFALO (SSN-715), Commission ceremonies printed cachet. With USS Emory S. Land hand cancel (the month is not readable in the cancel).

USS BUTTE (AE-27), Ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS CALIENTE (A0-53), "U.S. Navy Auxiliary Ship, Life-line of the Fleet" (generic) printed cachet

USS CANBERRA (CAG-2), Year date not clear in cancel. Ships rubber stamp cachet (kangaroo). Cover wrinkled

USS CANOPUS (AS-34), Commanding Officer corner card, autographed by the captain. Ships rubber stamp cachet (missile)

USS CARL VINSON (CVN-70), "Launched Today" printed cachet for this nuclear carrier. With a USS Caron (DD-970) hand cancel.

USS CHUKAWAN (AO-100), "Oil Can of the Fleet" printed cachet by Sanders. (oilcan)

USS CLEVELAND (LPD-7), "Navy Day USS Cleveland" printed cachet, Ship name is light, but readable, in the cancel.

USS CLIFTON SPRAGUE (FFG-16), Ships rubber stamp cachet, with a Philadelphia PA machine cancel.

USS CONSTITUTION (IX-21), "Navy Birthday" 2 color raised cachet by FLK

USS COONTZ (DDG-40). Ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS DAVIDSON ( ), "Remembering Our POW-MIA Sacrifice For Freedom" raised cachet by FLK. (map of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos). "Free" cover, no postage stamp on cover, only marked "Free". IMAGE

USS DELTA (AR-9), "Independence Day/U.S. Navy" printed cachet (generic) by E.F. Cachets. (Liberty Bell). IMAGE

USS DIXIE, "U.S. Navy Observes Easter" (generic) printed cachet. IMAGE

USS DUBUQUE (LPD-8), "V-J Day, 25th Anniversary World War II" raised cachet. "Free" cover, no postage stamp on cover, only marked "Free".

USS DULUTH (LPD-6), "Navy Birthday 200" generic foil label cachet.

USS FEARLESS (MS0-442), Commanding Officer corner card. Ships rubber stamp cachet. With a Charleston SC machine cancel.

USS FISKE (DD-842), ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS FORD (FFG-54), ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS FREDERICK (LST-1184), Independence Day. ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS GUADALCANAL (LPH-7), ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS HOEL (DDG-13), "Remembering Our POW-MIA Sacrifice For Freedom" raised cachet by FLK. (map of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos). "Free" cover, no postage stamp on cover, only marked "Free". USS Hoel cancel is light.

USS KITTY HAWK (CV-63), Ships rubber stamp cachet (Wright Brothers aircraft)

USS MENELAUS (ARL-13), "U.S.N. First Day Cancels, Re-established" (generic) printed cachet

USS MEREDITH (DD-434), "First Postwar Cruise June-July 1947" rubber stamp cachet, lists the various ships in the cruise. (map) IMAGE

R/V MELVILLE, Ships rubber stamp cachet for "Gloria Expedition, Oct 1992-July 1993". With a San Diego CA machine cancel

USS NASHVILLE (LPD-13), Independence Day. Ships rubber stamp cachet.

USNS NAVAJO (T-ATF-169), Masters corner card, autographed by him. Ships rubber stamp cachet. (Indian). With a San Diego CA machine cancel.

NAVAL SUPPLY CENTER, OAKLAND CA, "Navy Day" printed cachet for Naval Supply Center Oakland CA. With a Oakland CA Nav. Sup. Depot Sta. machine slogan cancel that reads "Navy Day, October 27". IMAGE

USS NITRO (AE-23), Ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS OKINAWA (LPH-3), Ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS PHILIPPINE SEA (CG-58), Ships rubber stamp cachet. Postmark is smeary, hard to read.

USS ROBERT L. WILSON (DD-847 ), "Eagle and Shield" (generic) printed cachet.

USS SIMON LAKE (AS-33), Ships rubber stamp cachet, (missile).

USS SKYLARK (ASR-20), Ships rubber stamp cachet is faint, with a US Navy cancel, ship name unreadable.

USS THOMAS S. GATES (CG-51), Commanding Officer Corner Card. Ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS TRUXTUN (DLG(N)-35), Ships rubber stamp cachet. (missile, sword, globe)

USS UNDERWOOD (FFG-36), Ships rubber stamp cachet.

USS VANCOUVER (LPD-2), "Operation End Run, Haiphong Harbor Sweep Detail" raised cachet by FLK. (map of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos). "Free" cover, no postage stamp on cover, only marked "Free". IMAGE

USS WAINWRIGHT (DLG-28), Ships rubber stamp cachet and two lines reading "First Day in Commission". The USS Wainwright cancel is not all readable, especially the date. IMAGE

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