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John Glenn, First Space Senator Commemorative Cover
Item #2100 Below
John Glenn, First Space Senator Commemorative Cover


Special sale of Project Mercury commemorative covers for the three orbit flight of John H.Glenn, Jr. in his space capsule "Friendship 7" on Feb. 20, 1962. Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth.

Also included are other covers commemorating John Glenn and/or his flight such as special cancels, anniversaries, foreign cancels, special events etc.

Did you know that when the Project Mercury stamp (issued for the successful completion of Glenn's Mercury Project space flight) was issued on Feb. 20, 1962 there was no post office named Cape Canaveral? Cape Canaveral was a geographical name for a point of land where the launch took place.

The town of Port Canaveral FL did exist at the time of the Mercury/Glenn launch and many Glenn launch covers were cancelled there. Sometime later its name was changed to Cape Canaveral. So thats why you will find no John Glenn launch "commemorative" covers with the Cape Canaveral FL cancel. The only Cape Canaveral FL cancelled covers of Feb. 20, 1962 will be "FIRST DAY COVERS" specially created by the U.S. Postal Service!
  • All ITEMS are covers unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are the standard U.S. size (number 6), as collected in the USA, unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are unaddressed unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are cacheted and a brief description is given of the event being commemorated, unless otherwise noted.
  • If covers are autographed they are genuine.


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Price List

MERCURY ATLAS 6: JOHN GLENN LAUNCH, With Patrick Air Force Base FL machine cancel on 7 cent Airmail (red and blue) embossed envelope. with a green C. SWANSON rubber stamp cachet showing a rocket being launched with word text: "Missile fired from....Cape Canaveral". and a separate one line red rubber stamp word text: "Man Orbit Shot". Note: This envelope is toned. (This is an early Carl Swanson generic space cachet, Swanson was the artist who drew all the cachets for the Space Craft Covers) IMAGE

MERCURY ATLAS 6: JOHN GLENN LAUNCH, With Patrick Air Force Base FL machine cancel on Echo I satellite space stamp (#1173). Cover has a 2 color JJF (unidentified) rubber stamp cachet showing the Mercury space capsule and 4 lines of text: "*John H. Glenn, Jr.*, first U.S. Astronaut to orbit Earth, *Project Mercury* ". Note: This envelope is toned.

MERCURY ATLAS 6: JOHN GLENN/PATRICK AFB WELCOME, With Patrick Air Force Base FL machine cancel. With black JJF (unidentified) rubber stamp cachet showing rocket launch, satellite and a Mercury space capsule and text: " PAFB WELCOMES ASTRONAUT GLENN" plus typed inscription "on his return to the United States after his historic orbital space flight".

MERCURY ASTRONAUT JOHN GLENN VISITS THE UNITED NATIONS, With a United Nations NY machine cancel and a two color FLEETWOOD printed cachet (unidentified) that shows a bust photo of Glenn with his space helmet and his Mercury Atlas rocket launch and word text "Honoring Project Mercury Astronaut Lt. Col. John H. Glenn, U.S. Orbital Flight, Feb. 20, 1962". (this cachet is the same cachet Fleetwood used for first day covers of the Project Mercury stamp). Cover has additional printed word text: " Astronaut Lt. Col. John H. Glenn visits the United Nations". IMAGE

SPECIAL (FIRST DAY OF USE)MACHINE SLOGAN CANCEL FOR MERCURY ASTRONAUT JOHN GLENN, With a New Concord Ohio (Glenn's Hometown) machine cancel on a 4 cent Project Mercury stamp (#1193, issued for John Glenn's Flight, cancel is on top of the stamp). This is a pink colored card with a black printed cachet (unidentified) that shows a Mercury space capsule and word text "New Concord, O. Home of Leutenant Colonel John H. Glenn Jr., U.S. Marine Corps, First American to Orbit the Earth, February 20, 1962".

SPECIAL CANCEL: FOR JOHN GLENN'S FRIENDSHIP 7 (MERCURY CAPSULE) EXHIBITION IN THE PHILIPPINES, With a pictorial machine cancel postmarked from "Friendship 7 Postal Station, Manila, Philippines" clearly readable, on a Philippines running winged "Mercury" figure and globe stamp, the pictorial part of the cancel shows the Mercury space capsule and reads Friendship 7, Exhibition, at National Science Development Board, John H. Glenn Jr., Lt. Col., U.S.M.C". Cover has NO cachet".

TENTH ANNIVERSARY JOHN GLENN'S MERCURY LAUNCH, With a Cape Canaveral FL machine cancel on a space stamp. Cover has a blue INNER & OUTER SPACE S-1 printed cachet of detailed drawing and text of the sequence of events from launch to orbit to splashdown. With additional printed text: "10th Anniversary, U.S.A. First Earth Orbit, Mercury/Atlas 6 (MA-6), Lt. Col. John H. Glenn, Jr., February 20, 1962 ".

SPECIAL JOHN GLENN FIRST SPACE SENATOR COMMEMORATIVE COVER, With a Washington DC machine cancel that ties a U.S. flag stamp and a Republic of Maldives 2L. stamp to cover. The Maldives stamp shows John Glenn in his space suit and his Mercury capsule in orbit. Cover has a black and blue MAHDEEN printed cachet showing Glenn's Mercury VI space capsule orbiting Earth and printed text: "First Space Senator, John H. Glenn Jr., starts his first term of office Jan. 14, 1975. First American Space Senator Elected Nov. 5, 1974 by Voters of Ohio. First American Astronaut to Orbit Earth Feb. 20, 1962 in Mercury VI Spacecraft". IMAGE

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