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  • The early space astronauts were monkeys and chimpanzees! these space flights were the forerunner tests for the later manned launches of the Mercury Program. If animals could survive and/or perform simple tasks in space then surely men could do the same.


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(SCC 241a), BIOSATELLITE 3/MONKEY LAUNCH, With machine cancel of Cape Canaveral FL, on 6 cent Flag stamp, with green and orange SPACE CRAFT COVERS printed cachet showing Biosatellite with monkey aboard circling earth and text: "Biosatellite 3 Primate Mission, 30 day space trip, 'Astromonk' Bonny, to set medical quidelines for astrnauts who fly lengthy space station and planetary missions. Launched by Delta 11:16 p.m. EDC 28 June". Small printed address. (NOTE: Cape Canaveral Post Office was closed at time of 11: 16 p.m. launch on 06/28/1969 and covers were cancelled the following day, 06/29/1969). IMAGE

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