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Apollo 16, (AS-511) FACTS:

APOLLO 16 was the fifth lunar landing flight. A Lunar Roving Vehicle was used for the second time on the Moon to transport the astronauts. It traversed over 16 miles on the Moon, exploring the highlands of Descartes. Over 200 pounds of Moon rocks were collected on this flight by Astronauts Duke and Young.
Significant dates of the Apollo 16 flight:
  • 04/16/1972 Launch date

  • 04/20/1972 Moon Landing date

  • 04/21/1972 Lunar Rover on the Moon

  • 04/23/1972 Moon Liftoff date

  • 04/27/1972 Splashdown date

The Apollo 16 astronauts were:
  • John W. Young, Commander

  • Thomas K. Mattingly II, Command Module Pilot

  • Charles M. Duke, Jr., Lunar Module Pilot
Other Flight Facts:
  • Date of flight: April 16-27, 1972

  • Landing site: Descartes Highlands. The first study of highlands area.

  • Selected surface experiments were deployed, ultraviolet camera/spectrograph was used for first time on the Moon

  • The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) was used for the second time.

  • Lunar surface stay-time, 71 hours.

  • In lunar orbit 126 hours, with 64 orbits.

  • Mattingly performed 1 hour in-flight EVA (Space Walk).

  • 95.8 kg (213 pounds) of lunar samples were collected.

  • Duration of the flight: 11 days, 1 hour, 51 minutes.

  • The name given to the Command Module was "Casper".

  • The name given to the Lunar Module was "Orion".

General Notes

  • All items are covers unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are the standard U.S. #6 size (approximately 6 1/2 x 3 3/4 inches), as collected in the USA, unless otherwise noted.
  • Foreign covers may be slightly smaller in size than the standard U.S. #6 size and if so, their size will NOT be noted. Any cover larger than a number 6 size will be noted or any item of an unordinary size will be so noted.
  • All covers are unaddressed unless otherwise noted.
  • All covers are cacheted unless otherwise noted. A brief description of the cachet is given of the event being commemorated.
  • If covers are autographed they are genuine, unless otherwise noted.
  • Where stamp(s) used on the item are of significance, such as being a space stamp or a flag stamp or related to the event or location, it will be described. Otherwise the stamp(s) used on the item may be a definitive issue or an unrelated commemorative issue, and will not be described.
  • Items listed here may not be listed in any particular order.
  • Please print out the ON-LINE ORDER FORM and use it to mark down the covers you need. When ordering, please mark the LIST ID as well as ITEM ID.


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Price List

APOLLO 16, LUNAR MODULE DESCENDS TO THE MOON , with a machine cancel of Cape Canaveral FL, the cancel falls on a 10 cent First Man on Moon stamp (#C76) but is still readable, with a red circle WHITNEY rubber stamp cachet (unidentified), showing astronauts in the Lunar Module (nicknamed Orion) and word text: "Apollo 16, Orion Descends to Moon, with John W. Young, Charles M. Duke, April 30, 1972".

APOLLO 16 MOONLANDING, with a machine cancel of Cape Canaveral FL on a Moon Rover space stamp and (#1435), with a round black WHITNEY rubber stamp cachet (unidentified), showing a drawing of the Apollo 16 Lunar Module "Orion" on the surface of the Moon. With word text: "Apollo 16 Moonlanding John W. Young, Commander; Charles M. Duke Jr., Lunar Module Pilot, in the ORION April 20, 1972".

APOLLO 16 SCARCE DOUBLE-CANCELLED COVER, with a pictorial hand cancel of Vienna Austria, April 21, 1972, of the Apollo 16 emblem on an Austrian stamp which is applied to a U.S. Apollo 15 first day cover! This cover has a pair of the 8-cent "United States in Space, A Decade of achievement" stamps (#1434-1435) on envelope and with a first day of issue machine cancel of Houston TX of 08/02/1971. No cachet needed on this cover. Only a few prepared this way.

APOLLO 16 SPECIAL PICTORIAL CANCEL, AUSTRIA COMMEMORATIVE COVER, With a large pictorial hand cancel of Wien (Vienna) showing the Apollo 16 emblem on any of various Austria single stamps. With two color printed cachet showing two astronauts sitting in the Lunar Rover, with a smaller Apollo 17 emblem in the corner of the cachet. Cachet text of 3 lines is in German for the Apollo 16 flight. Cover size 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches. (The April 21, 1972 date is when the Apollo 16 astronauts explored the Moon with the Lunar Rover). IMAGE

APOLLO 16 SPLASHDOWN, with a space pictorial machine cancel of Kennedy Space Center FL on a 11 cent airmail stamp. With a blue and orange CYGNUS #24 printed cachet showing Apollo 16 spacecraft in the water being recovered by a helicopter, with text: "Apollo 16 astronauts 'super' on pacific splashdown. Young, Duke & Mattingly return from man's longest Lunar mission with a record 245 pounds of Moon rocks." Airmail border envelope.

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