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460 Dave's Canadian and Commonwealth Stamps (12/29/98 Dave Canada)
I am looking for other collectors with which to trade. I also offer my duplicates for sale. (Specialties: Exchange/Trade,Precancels,Revenues,Stamps,)
360 Exchange mint stamps (12/14/04 Mieczyslaw Zyla Poland)
site about stamps exchange (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
458 Robert Schaps' Stamp Collecting Main Page (12/29/98 Robert Schaps USA)
I enjoy trading stamps, especially with people that I have met on the net. I am interested in trading for the stamps that I need from various countries. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Exchange/Trade,Stamps,)
439 Ryan's Philatelic Page (12/04/98 Ryan Woosley USA) Links
Site for stamp collectors (mostly youth) (Specialties: Stamps,)
612 Simon's Stamp Exchanging page (10/11/99 Simon Milkus Ukraine) Links
Exchanging Ukrainian stamps catalogue, postal stationers, postal tariffs, philatelic sites, etc. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Exchange/Trade,Postal-Related,Stamps)
99 World Wide Stamp Exchange Club (12/25/01 Michael Drolet Canada) Links
Find collectors around the world to exchange stamps. Lots of links and pictures. (Specialties: Stamps)

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