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493 Album Page Creation Software (01/02/99 contact USA)
AlbumPro page design software for stamp collectors is the easiest way to create great-looking stamp album or exhibit pages. (Specialties: Resources)
494 Encyclopedia of US stamps on CDROM (01/02/99 Gregory K Deeter USA) Links
More than 2,750 face-different stamps. Philatelic information--keyed to the Minkus numbering system. The Encyclopedia features individual articles on each face-different stamp (Specialties: Resources)
57 Liberty Street Software (11/06/01 Nikki Barbieri Canada) Links
Software for Stamp Collectors: StampManage 2002, CoinManage 2002, CurrencyManage 2001, AssetManage 2002, and more... (Specialties: Coins,Stamps)
495 MachinBase (01/02/99 Ron Jackson UK)
MachinBase is a computer program/Database written specifically for the the Great Britain Decimal Machin Head Definitive Stamps collector, enthusiast, buff (Specialties: Resources)
102 PSD 20003 (04/17/03 Christer Svensson Sweden) Links
PSD is one of the most flexible and usable philatelic software for both Mac and PC on the market.Covers more than 200 000 stamps from many COUNTRIES and TOPICS. Use PSD also for coins, covers or other collectibles. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
496 Philatelic Software Links (01/02/99 Joseph R. Luft USA) Links (Specialties: Links,Resources)
236 Republika Albums (12/14/04 Niall Murphy Ireland)
Pre-designed full-colour album pages for all former Soviet Union republics. Download, CD or pre-printed. (Specialties: Albums)
175 STRAND - Auction Software (08/21/00 John Pugh UK)
Software handling room or postal philatelic auctions, catalog production, invoicing, mail labels etc. (Specialties: Miscellaneous)
500 Stamp Tracker (01/02/99 contact USA)
Stamp Tracker is a simple but powerful database program for stamp collectors to use for cataloging their collection of stamps. Thirty different data fields allow you to store detailed information about each stamp (Specialties: Resources)
504 StampTrack! (01/02/99 contact USA)
The world's most-used stamp collection inventory software. And best of all, it's FREE! (Specialties: Resources)
27 Sueco stamp I.D. software (03/27/05 Robin Australia)
Combined six-part software that helps to identify stamps in your collection. (Specialties: Miscellaneous,Stamps)
499 Sweet Child Software (01/02/99 contact Israel)
Stamps of Israel Encyclopedia & Catalogue. presents a breathtaking view of Jewish history, world affairs, and shared human concerns. The entire gamut of human endeavor is reflected in Israel's stamps. (Specialties: Resources)
299 Zip Code (07/30/02 jon USA)
US Postal Zip code database, save money and get a great product (Specialties: Postal-Related,Postal Authorities)

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