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470 A Postcard Collection of Mount Holyoke College (12/31/98 Donna Albino USA)
After several years of borrowing scanning time from friends (thanks Margo, Betty, and Joann!) this is my complete collection of over 1000 cards from MHC. (Specialties: Postcards/Picture)
467 Carl's Postcard Page (12/31/98 Carl Seiler USA) Links
Postcard Gallery plus Links for postcard collectors and dealers. (Specialties: Postcards/Picture)
468 - Postcard Collecting Resources Worldwide (12/31/98 Roger Harvey USA) Links
A Resource for Postcard Collectors Worldwide. Postcard of the day, Postcard Exhibits, Album of postcard images. Postcard Shows & Events (Specialties: Postcards/Picture)
476 Lighthouse Postcards for Sale or Trade (12/31/98 contact USA)
Let's Make a Deal - PREFERABLY a trade! (Specialties: Postcards)
474 Old Postcard Exhibition (12/31/98 Lars-Olov Stenborg Sweden)
Some of the best cards from my collection. I have about 3 500 cards (1895-1995) from this small part of Sweden. But I also collect old postcards with interesting views from all the world. (Specialties: Postcards)
10 Panama-California Exposition (02/08/00 Mike Kelly USA)
Over 2000 images of postcards from the Exposition. (Specialties: Postcards)
480 Tilo Frank: BY Night Postcards (11/12/99 Tilo Frank Germany)
You know what I mean? These modern, "funny", all black postcards, only bearing the words "XXXX by Night" (in any language), where XXXX is the name of a town or a region. (Specialties: Postcards)
477 Vintage Paris Postcards (12/31/98 Carolyn Daily O'Connor USA)
Most postcards are general views. The close-ups are real collector's items. Most of the postcards are from the first decade of this century. The newest one used is more than 75 years old. (Specialties: Postcards)
281 Vintage Postcards (03/04/01 John H. Powell USA)
Collection of Postcards of Madison, Wisconsin. Changes once a month (Specialties: Postcards/Picture)

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