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219 4-Collectors of Teddy Bears, FDCS, and collectibles (03/29/97 contact USA)
364 Apollo 11 - First Day Covers (12/14/04 Neil Ormsby UK)
A Collection of Moon Landing Apollo 11 First Day Covers. First Day Covers For Sale. (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Day,Space)
224 Australia and other First Day Covers (03/29/97)
186 Bevil hand painted cachets (08/21/00 Kendal Bevil USA)
Official site of Kendal Bevil, producer of hand painted first day covers, topical events (Specialties: First Day Covers)
310 Bletchley Park Post Office (10/12/02 Terry Mitchell UK) Links
Gallery of artistic limited edition covers from WW2 home of the enigma code breakers. (Specialties: Covers/First Day)
229 Colorano Silk Lover's Page (12/26/97 David Dresdner USA)
Unusual Colorano Silks, varieties, combos, and dual cancels. Some rarely seen. (Specialties: First Day Covers)
231 Covercraft FDCs - DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES British Stamps (02/05/98 PRO UK)
Offical Royal Mail and Exclusive Design FDC. Mail Order/Secure site and offline check. (Specialties: Country-Specific)
239 First Day Covers Colorano and Collins (07/31/03 Rex Briggs USA) Links
We sell Colorano and Collins first day covers and have over 1500 at our site with pictures. (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Day)
296 First Day Covers of Mauritius (07/17/02 Pravin Bhowanydeen Mauritius)
A collection of Post(March 12, 1968 TO DATE) independence First Day Covers of Mauritius (Specialties: Country-Specific,Covers/First Day)
112 Glad Cachets (10/08/01 Gladys Kelly USA) Links
Hand drawn and hand painted cachets using an airbrush. Exclusive free hand technique. (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Day)
240 How to Prepare Your Own First Day Covers (03/27/97 contact)
244 Minerals, Crystals, and Gems (03/27/97)
166 New Zealand Covers (06/23/03 Terry Hooper New Zealand)
We have over 2500 New Zealand covers for sale, take a look. (Specialties: Covers,First Day Covers)
632 Pugh Cachets, Inc. Online (10/08/01 Julian Pugh USA)
Producing fine handpainted first day covers. Each cover is signed and sequentially numbered and is accompanied by a printed description of the stamp, the cachet and the process by which we arrived at the design. (Specialties: First Day Covers)
631 Smith & Son - US Stamps and First Day Covers (11/12/99 Irwin Smith USA) Links
US Stamps, mint, plate-blocks, booklet panes, coils, used, and postal stationery at super prices. Large Stock! (Specialties: Coils,Country-Specific,First Day Covers,Plate Blocks,Stamps)
253 Sweden First Day Covers (03/28/97 ED Denson USA)
257 Washington Press Home Page (03/29/97 contact)

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