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542 HobbySpace - Space Collectibles (03/13/99 Clark S. Lindsey USA) Links
Space collectibles including stamps and covers. (Specialties: Covers,Miscellaneous,Space,Stamps)
488 Independent Learning Philatelic Courses (01/02/99 USA)
To study stamps is to study history, geography, design, technology, even criminology—some famous stamps were counterfeit! The Independent Learning courses are designed to bring that kind of knowledge to all philatelists. (Specialties: Resources)
486 OLYMPHILEX '96 Educational Materials on Stamps and the Olympic Games (01/01/99 USA)
Ten Lessons - Adobe Acrobat pdf Files (Specialties: Resources)
561 Old Postcards of North Adams (03/14/01 Shirley Bruso USA)
Old postcards of North Adams, Massachusetts, Main Street, Mills, Hospital, Library, Parks, Hotels, Schools, Railroad. (Specialties: Postcards)
482 Peter G. Aitken's Tips on Scanning (01/01/99 Peter G. Aitken USA)
Creating digital images of philatelic materials (Specialties: Other(See Comments))
489 Philatelic Terms and Abbreviations. (01/02/99 Joe Frasketi USA) Links (Specialties: Resources)
491 Space Cover Collecting Basics (01/02/99 Joe Frasketi USA) Links
Space Covers... What are they? Space Commemorative Event Covers. Space First Day Covers. (Specialties: Resources)
72 Stamp Collecting Help and Links (04/04/00 Frank Mardle UK) Links
Stamp collectors site dedicated to the promotion of stamp collecting with plenty of help advice and links. (Specialties: Stamps)
466 Stamps 101 (12/30/98 contact USA)
So, you’re interested in stamp collecting? Well, Stamps 101 is designed to teach you the basics of what you need and want to know about philately.
464 Stamps For Kids (12/30/98 contact USA) Links
510 Yvert & Tellier (10/08/01 contact France)
Philatelic Glossary. Press 'Informations' icon from the home page. (Specialties: Resources)
543 eBay Stamp Guide (03/13/99 Jim Watson USA)
The updated eBay Stamps Guide is a primer for beginning collectors and eBay users. (Specialties: Miscellaneous)

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