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324 A2Z Stamps (12/23/03 Stephen leVine UK) Links
Buy on line British,Commonwealth and all world stamps and general information and help. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
139 AB Philea (12/26/98 Christer Svensson Sweden) Links
Stamp auctions, Asia and Bargain corner, Topics by the "Special Motive" database. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals,)
140 Aarhus Frimaerkehandel (06/17/98 Lars Boes Denmark)
Denmark and Scandinavian countries - Stamps - Catalogues - Literature (Specialties: Stamps)
585 Academy Stamps (09/13/99 Marshall Goldberg USA) Links
Wide selection of all U.S. stamps plus major inventory of autographs and manuscripts. (Specialties: Autographs,Country-Specific,Stamps)
304 Aerophil Aerophilately (09/16/02 Ken Sanford Switzerland) Links
Aerophilatelic & Commercial Aviation Literature & Crash Covers (Specialties: Covers/Air Mail,Covers/Air Crash,Topicals)
437 Affordable Stamps & Philately (11/28/98 Judy Townsend USA) Links
Extensive U.S. & Worldwide inventory - Affordable - something for everyone regardless of their budget. (Specialties: Stamps,)
251 Agape Stamp Ministry (12/22/04 Liz Australia) Links
Recent Australian & New Zealand kiloware, bundleware and excellent used stamps off paper. (Specialties: Packets,Stamps)
16 Ali Philatelic Traders (03/27/05 contact Pakistan)
Award winning site for stamps coins banknotes phonecards collectors around the world. (Specialties: Coins,Phone Cards,Stamps)
115 All Nations Stamp and Coin (06/13/00 Brian Grand Duff Canada) Links
Weekly stamp auctions: Canada, worldwide singles, sets, accumulations, Visa, Mastercard accepted (Specialties: Auctions,Coins,Stamps)
107 All World Postage Stamps (03/15/01 Pete UK)
Postage stamps - Free stamp lists - World stamps in weekly updated lists, credit cards accepted. (Specialties: Stamps)
611 Amagerbro Stamp Shop (10/11/99 Harvey Rosenblum Denmark) Links
Scandinavian, European stamps, kiloware, thematics, Lighthouse, SAFE, stamp-coin-phonecard albums and supplies. All discounted. In the heart of Copenhagen. Personal Service since 1979. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
145 AmeriCom Philatelic - Mint U.S. Stamps (12/26/98 contact USA) Links
Committed to promoting the hobby of stamp collecting by providing outstanding values in mint U.S. commemorative stamps and regular U.S. postal issues
146 Americana Resources - Stamps & First Day Covers (10/08/01 contact USA)
We are one of the largest sites on the Internet for antiques and collectibles with over 19,000 items listed on line.
131 AnyStamps - Stamp Packets (06/20/00 Sales USA)
The largest dealer of stamp packets on the internet. We offer large stamp collections from over 350 countries and in more than 60 topics at affordable prices. Secure online ordering (Specialties: Country-Specific,Packets,Stamps,Topicals)
170 Arabia Philatica (05/21/01 Alastair Gunn UK)
Specialists in Arabic Postal History, especially that of the Gulf States (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman ...) (Specialties: Country-Specific,Covers,Postal History,Stamps)
633 Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh Stamps (10/08/01 Armen Hovsepian USA) (Specialties: Coins,Postal Cards,Stamps)
301 Ascension Island Post Office (07/30/02 Nathan Prince USA)
Stamps, Currency and Postcards (Specialties: Currency,Country-Specific,Postcards,Postal Authorities,Stamps)
79 Asian Stamps for Collectors (05/04/00 Swamy Iyer USA)
Japan, China, Manchukuo Mint Mihon Year. Buy and sell lists. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
149 Austrian Consult (08/30/00 Zettl Friedrich Austria) Links
Stamps, postal history, postcards, miscellaneous from China and other SE-asian countries. (Specialties: Stamps)
327 Avbstamps stamps for collectors (12/23/03 Victor Bove USA) Links
Avbstamps specialize in USA varieties stamps, precancels, tagged omitted, sheets, Plate Blocks, coils, booklets, panes (Specialties: Booklets,Country-Specific,Precancels,Stamps,Topicals)
238 BaxleyStamps (09/29/00 G. Baxley USA)
World wide stamps for the collector with emphasis on Japan, Ryukyu and Far East. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Covers,Stamps)
546 - New Stamps Territory (07/30/02 Rostislav Permiakov Belarus)
All stamps from all New Independent Republics of the former USSR. Topicals, locals, cinderellas. E-mail: (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
153 Bill's Philatelic Bargains (02/11/00 Bill Boomer Canada) Links
Small dealer, collector, mostly packets, world, topicals, USA, Canada and provinces. (Specialties: Stamps)
220 Bobby's U.S. & Worldwide Stamp Packets (06/26/01 Bob Gobeil USA)
Source for older U.S. & Worldwide stamp packets. International shipping available. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Packets,Stamps)
98 Briefmarken-Versandhandel (04/05/03 Thomas Mueller Germany) Links
Online-Shop with stamps and philatelistic accessoires. Special offers for Old-German-Stamps und covers. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Covers,Miscellaneous,Stamps)
155 Brooklyn Gallery Coin & Stamps (05/21/01 Ron Volpe USA)
Offering a wide range of supplies for the collectors needs. (Specialties: Coins,Miscellaneous,Stamps)
287 CWS / Collectors Supply House (04/06/02 Sales Canada)
Collector's Supply House is a retailer of Stamp and Coin Collecting Supplies. We are a division of Canadian Wholesale Supply which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of Stamp and Coin Collecting Products. (Specialties: Coins,Miscellaneous,Stamps)
157 Century Stamps (03/30/97 contact USA)
158 Charlestown Stamps (03/31/97 contact Australia)
242 Chiefjps Stamps (10/02/00 John P. Standley USA)
Quality US stamps for collectors and investors. (Specialties: Stamps)
160 China Stamps and Phonecards (07/29/98 Lin Guang China)
The largest stamp, phonecard, moneycard website in China (Specialties: Stamps)
357 China postage stamps (12/14/04 contact China)
Stamps of China including stamp images and related informations. (Specialties: Stamps)
161 Chinese Stamps (10/07/99 Hu Hengjie China) Links
Beautiful country, beautiful stamps (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
162 Christ Stamps (12/26/98 contact USA) Links
Good Quality Stamps and Reasonable prices is our motto! Images available for every better priced Stamp/Cover. (Specialties: Covers,Pricelists,Stamps,Supplies,)
639 Claudia Greuel Mail Order Service (11/29/99 Claudia Greuel Germany) Links
Our complete offer of topical and overseas stamps only mint. New supply of postcards. (Specialties: Postcards,Stamps)
352 Collectable Postcards (06/26/04 Richard Reeve UK)
Postcard magazine, mall and auction site dedicated to postcards (Specialties: Postal-Related)
273 Connecticut Cinderellas (02/02/01 Ray Petersen USA)
Worldwide cinderellas - poster stamps - revenues (Specialties: Cinderellas,Miscellaneous,Stamps,Topicals)
164 Coughlin's (02/12/00 Ray L. Coughlin USA) Links
286 Coventry Stamps & Sci-Fi (09/26/01 Alan Cutts UK)
Stamp Price Lists, Commonwealth, World, GB, We also have over 500 ebay auctions a week. (Specialties: Stamps)
637 Cuba Wholesale (11/29/99 Ernest Garand Canada)
Authentic Postage Stamps From Around The World. Wholesale stamps from Cuba for dealers. Also retail! (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
66 D&D Italia Rare Stamps (04/04/00 Massimo Dem Italy) Links
The place for rare stamp collectors. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Covers,Stamps)
537 Dale Enterprises - U.S. & Worldwide Stamps for Collectors (03/02/99 Dale USA)
We offer United States and Worldwide stamps...from one of the largest stocks in the hobby. (Specialties: Auctions,Covers,New Issues/Retail,Stamps)
12 Dave (The Stamp Dad) Ramsay (12/18/04 Dave Ramsay Canada) Links
Dealer in Canadian Mint, blocks, sheets, souvenir sheets, FDC's and British Royalty stamps and covers (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Flight,Souvenir Sheets,Stamps)
454 Dennis R. Abel - Stamps for Collectors (10/08/01 Dennis R. Abel USA)
United States stamps, U. S. mint year sets, Iceland, Israel, 19th Century Fancy Cancels etc. home of the smallest philatelic AUCTION on the Internet. (Specialties: Auctions,Cancels,Stamps,Year Sets)
168 Don Black Stamps (03/27/97 Don Black)
556 Don Lewis Country Collections (05/10/99 Don Lewis USA)
Large collection of stamps from all over the world. Hundreds to choose from Asia, Europe, Africa, N. and S. America, Mexico, etc. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
351 Fine GB Stamps (06/26/04 Nicholas Turner UK)
We specialise in the stamps of Great Britain, and are based in London (Specialties: Auctions,Country-Specific,Stamps)
609 Gary Anderson Postal History (10/11/99 Gary Anderson USA) Links
Postal History by State and Town. (Specialties: Postal History,Stamps)
176 Gregory K Deeter - Kiloware, Weblinks, Philatelic.Com (03/27/97 Greg Deeter USA)
34 Heathside Collectibles - Stamps (02/12/00 Bob Gobeil USA) Links
Offering a nice selection of older U.S. and Worldwide stamp packets. We ship worldwide. (Specialties: Packets,Stamps)
177 Henry Gitner Philatelists, Inc. (03/30/97 Henry Gitner USA)
178 Indonesia Stamps (12/26/98 Gita Noviandi Indonesia) Links
Indonesia stamps, s/s, stationery, cover, and booklet (Specialties: Aerogrammes,Booklets,Country-Specific,Postal Stationery,Stamps,)
118 Indonesia Stamps Source (06/13/00 Dani Yusdiar Indonesia) Links
Retail sales available for Indonesian stamps, WWF, postal stationery, stamps booklet. (Specialties: Country-Specific,First Day Covers,Stamps,Topicals)
180 Jim Mehrer's Postal History Page (04/10/99 Jim Mehrer USA)
248 John H. Talman Ltd. Stamps (12/22/04 John Talman Canada)
A comprehensive site for stamp collectors featuring auction listings, private treaty offers, philatelic literature and related items. (Specialties: Stamps)
181 Kei-Mar Stamps (12/27/98 Keith & Mary Rathbone USA) Links
Foreign and topical - mint or used - old or new. We are a family-owned business and have been around since 1980. Our names are Keith and Mary Rathbone. Keith will furnish your foreign country needs, while Mary handles the topical items. (Specialties: Packets,Stamps,Topicals,)
18 M. Osborne Covers (10/08/01 Osborne UKraine) Links
Thousands of worldwide commercial and philatelic covers, including topicals, FDC, special covers, meter mail, slogans, stationery, postal history, flights, thematics, aerogrammes, etc. (Specialties: Covers)
142 Macedonian stamps (07/12/00 Sinisa Pavleski Macedonia)
All about Macedonian stamps (Specialties: Stamps)
626 Maddy's Philatelic Service (10/24/99 Ed Yonelinas Canada) Links
We buy and sell stamps of Germany, Canada, Br. Colonies, and European countries. We also list stamp shows in Canada and U.S. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
529 Maine Stamp Shoppe (03/02/99 Daniel Butler USA)
Sells early US stamps including the classics using the shopping cart format. Very reasonable prices. (Specialties: Stamps)
274 Malcom Bailey Philatelic Sales (02/08/01 Malcolm Bailey UK)
Ten pages of stamps,cigarette cards,and related items (Specialties: Stamps)
185 Marex Exchange (12/26/98 Mark L. Hamburg USA) Links
We produce four mail bid sales each year. Ask for free copy of our catalog. (Specialties: Stamps,)
574 Mari Collezionismo Stamps (07/08/99 Mari Italy) Links
New or used stamps and numismatics items offered as single items, or as complete collections, at a vary competitive price. (Specialties: Coins,Stamps)
528 Matthew Crandell Philatelics (03/02/99 Matthew Crandell USA) Links
High discount philatelic supplies, stamps, and philatelic information. (Specialties: Stamps)
24 Mayo Postal History (11/30/00 L.D. Mayo USA) Links
Offering worldwide postal history and thematic material. (Specialties: Postal History,Topicals)
289 Mike's Stamps (05/07/02 Mike USA) Links
classic British Commonwealth, and some world wide (Specialties: Stamps)
328 Moonwheel stamps and postcards (03/15/04 Jens Monrad Denmark)
Huge stock of stamps, post cards and covers from all over the world (mostly Europe). German 3. Empire (3. Reich) (Specialties: Country-Specific,Postal Cards,Stamps)
143 Mr Thematic - Topical stamps (06/03/03 Alan Houghton South Africa)
Specialises in Thematic / Topical stamps, and will ship anywhere in the world. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
6 North Staffs Stamps (01/31/00 Roger J. Edwards USA)
Specialist in GB and Commonwealth countries (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
189 Peter Fraser's World of Stamps (12/26/98 Peter Fraser Canada) Links
A site where collectors can view and buy worldwide stamps and covers. (Specialties: Covers,Stamps,)
622 Peter's Stamps (10/18/99 Peter Gladman UK) Links
Stamps and covers of Great Britain and British Islands. Prices and illustrations of new issues (Specialties: Stamps)
363 Phila-web_philatelic service. (12/14/04 JaG. Poland)
Hungary,ex-DDR,E.Europe, former Soviet Union,and Cuba, Mongolia, N.Korea, VietNam..[1960-90]. (Specialties: Stamps)
430 Philacollect (10/31/98 Gillian Gilbey UK) Links
Philatelic stamps by mail order (Specialties: Stamps,)
132 Philangles (06/27/00 Simon Carson UK) Links
Monthly post bid sales of stamps and postal history. Direct stamp sales (Specialties: Auctions,Postal History,Stamps)
192 Philately 97 (12/26/98 Wilson Ho USA) Links
Issues of Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore, and other topics and collectables. (Specialties: First Day Covers,Stamps,Topicals,)
159 Philea (02/22/02 Christer Svensson Sweden) Links
Leading Swedish stamp auction house. The most visited philatelic web page in Northern Europe. Besides auctions, we offer you SPECIAL MOTIVE, one of the worlds largest stamp databases. Search for any country or thematic area! (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
194 Postcards International (09/15/98 Martin J. Shapiro USA)
Offering quality vintage postcards for collectors of art, history, photography and topics. (Specialties: Topicals)
195 Rainbow Stamps (11/21/03 Vanessa Frank Australia) Links
For Australian, Territories, World and Thematic stamp sets and packets. (Specialties: Accessories,Packets,Stamps,Topicals)
428 Regis Stamps and Postal History (10/15/98 Regis Cusin France) Links
France, French colonies, British commonwealth, and the world! (Specialties: Postal History,Stamps,)
340 Rick's Newfoundland Stamps (03/15/04 Rick Stead Canada)
Selling and buying Newfoundland postage stamps. (Specialties: Stamps)
5 Russia, WordWide Topic stamps (03/17/01 Alexey G. Kunicin Russian Federation)
Russian stamps,s/s,m/s,FDC,cards,covers etc 1960-2001,include topics, on-line catalogue with images. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
91 Russian Collectables (12/22/04 Victor Kolos Russian Federation) Links
Stamps from ex-USSR countries (Specialties: Phone Cards,Stamps)
365 Russian and area stamps (12/14/04 Alexey Gaifullin USA)
Russia and Area stamps - complete year stamp sets and topical collections (Specialties: Miscellaneous,Stamps,Topicals)
302 SH Stamps (07/30/02 Simon Hemmings UK)
Great Britain and British Commonwealth Stamps, 1840 to present. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
573 STAMPS from all over the world (10/27/01 Roland Karassek Germany) Links
Universal Postal Union, Football-Worldcup, European Union, Olympic Games, Peter Paul Rubens, Astronautics, Germany, GDR, Berlin, Netherlands, Austria, Vatican (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps,Topicals)
300 Saint Helena Post Office (07/30/02 Nathan Prince St. Helena)
FDCs, Sets and Souvenir Sheets. (Specialties: Albums,Country-Specific,Covers/First Day,Postal Authorities,Stamps)
135 Scotstamps (06/30/00 David Buchanan UK) Links
Great Britain and Commonwealth stamps, sets and singles. Philatelic Library. Free Notice Board. Free Links. (Specialties: Sets,Stamps)
200 Sidney Fenemore (03/14/01 Sidney Fenemore UKraine)
Dealer in Postal History. Airmails in Post Bid sales. also Aero postcards. (Specialties: Airmails,Postcards,Postal History)
201 Singapore Stamps & Kiloware (07/20/03 Tan Li Hui Singapore)
Quality kiloware from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and World. Japan postally used S/S and Singapore mint set is also available. (Specialties: Airmails,Stamps)
348 Skyforce Space Patches (06/26/04 Joe Fricano USA)
All U.S. manned mission patches at great prices!! Plus many commemorative and special ones. (Specialties: Space,Topicals)
282 Southern-Mail (09/05/01 stephen le vine UK) Links
Large selection of German stamps with regular lists...also world wide list available. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
141 Postage Stamps for collectors (05/01/01 Heinz Speitelsbach Canada)
Classifieds, Auctions, Online Store (Specialties: Lots,Stamps)
268 StampFinder (09/05/01 Sha Hart USA) Links
Over 800,000 stamps to choose from Largest, longest running Multi-Dealer Stamp Site on the Web. Large database of dealers. FREE Classifieds, Events Calendar, Philatelic Yellow Pages. Affiliates Program earns you money on your site. (Specialties: Collections,Covers,Lots,Stamps)
190 Stamps & Kiloware (06/23/03 Tan Li Hui Singapore) Links
Selling Quality Kiloware from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia and World as well as Singapore Mint Set. (Specialties: Stamps)
150 Stamps of Bulgaria (07/24/00 Stefan Mihaylov Bulgaria) Links
Everything from Bulgaria - complete sets and SS, packets, FDC's and etc. (Specialties: First Day Covers,Phone Cards,Postal Stationery,Stamps)
203 Stamps, Stamps, Stamps (02/05/98 Martin Rautjarvi USA)
Stamp sets, single items, FDCs, etc. For mail order sale by collector at budget prices. (Specialties: Stamps)
624 Stampstudio (10/23/99 Bill Kemp USA) Links
Home of one of the largest stamp sites on the net. (Specialties: Auctions,Cinderellas,Miscellaneous,Stamps,Topicals)
540 Stanley Lisica: Postage stamps of the British Commonwealth (03/13/99 Stanislaw Lisica USA)
Offers comprehensive stock of mint NH issues of Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Isle of Man. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps)
205 Steve Malack Stamps (12/22/04 Steve Malack USA)
Dealers for over 20 years - Specializing in US stamps - Competitive pricing. (Specialties: Coins,Plate Blocks,Stamps)
206 Swan Stamps Specialist in British Stamps (03/25/97 contact)
207 Sydney Stamp Centre (12/27/98 contact Australia)
Specialist Australian, topical and cover dealer. Only Australian private cover producer (Wesley Cover Service since 1935). (Specialties: First Day Covers,Stamps,Topicals,)
208 TULIP PHILATELICS Worldwide Unhinged Mint Stamps (12/26/98 contact USA) Links
Worldwide Mint Never Hinged Stamps & S/S (Specialties: Stamps,)
169 Thailand Stamps Online (08/03/00 Thaveepol C. Thailand)
Thailand stamps and other collectible items online (Specialties: First Day Covers,Postcards/Picture,Stamps)
11 The Cover Box (02/08/00 Roy & Debbie Lingen Canada) Links
2500+ worldwide covers. Mostly 20th century postal history. All scanned. Priced at $2.00 up. (Specialties: Collections,Lots,Packets,Postal History)
71 The Stamp Bazaar Store (12/01/01 Sidney Fenemore UK) Links
Postal History, Postcards, Cinderella's in Groups, Clear out's. Singles, Thematics, Packets. (Specialties: Cinderellas,Collections,Postal History,Sets,Stamps)
211 The Stamp Store (09/15/98 James P. Keenan USA)
Purchase stamps online with our handy shopping cart. (Specialties: Stamps)
213 Timbres-Themes (Topics Stamps) (06/14/03 Janice Dugas Canada) Links
More than 500 topical categories ! Visit our Internet Stamp Shop > today ... (Specialties: Covers,Stamps,Topicals)
31 Topical Stamps (10/27/01 Shá Hart USA) Links
Premiere Topical and Thematic Site. Choose from over 400 Topics. Quick and easy stamp search. Fun Site for all – from the novice to the experienced stamp enthusiast. Featuring: 2D and 3D Framed Stamps and Topics On CD products.
67 Traci's Precancel House (02/15/03 Traci Hanson USA)
Country Wide Precancels,US Plate Block Matched Sets, US Back of Book, ETC. (Specialties: Coins,Precancels,Sets,Stamps)
214 U.S. Net Price List and Color Catalog (03/27/97 Ed Reiser USA)
215 U.S. Stamps for Sale (03/30/97 Danny USA)
167 Vasconi Stamps 2000 (05/21/01 Vassil Popov Bulgaria)
Mint sets from Eastern Europe for sale,FDC,s,maxicards.Wholesale and retail. (Specialties: Covers,Covers/First Day,Maximum Cards,Sets,Stamps)
39 WIndsor Philatelics (02/13/00 Steve Walker UK)
Dealers in the postage stamps and postal history of Great Britain 1840-1900. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Covers,Postal History,Stamps)
216 Wiedemann & Maier GbR (03/14/01 Dominique Maier Germany) Links
Worldwide Variable rate stamps (postage labels.) and Online Shop. (Specialties: Stamps)
608 Wonderful World of Stamps (10/11/99 Isidore Baum Canada) Links
One of the largest topical websites specializing in Worldwide topicals, Disney and Russian Locals. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
526 Woodford Sports Covers (02/12/99 Richard Derrick UK)
Golf, cricket, and wildlife commemorative covers for special events and matches, some of these signed. (Specialties: Topicals)
541 World of Stamps (03/13/99 Susan USA)
The family run stamp place...for serious collectors and serious beginners. Purchase worldwide stamps from our online store. We fill wantlists. We specialize in topicals. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals,Want Lists)
551 Wulff's Stamps Online (04/18/99 Leland and John Wulff USA)
We offer a great variety in United States, France, French Offices, pre-independent French Colonies and Monaco philatelic material. As you browse through our website, you will find over 11,000 different stamps with over 1,800 photographs. (Specialties: Stamps)
15 Youngerman Coins and Stamps (03/27/05 Bill Youngerman USA) Links
Coins and Stamps since 1967. Specialists in gold coins and rare stamps. (Specialties: Coins,Stamps)
353 dmhcollectibles - Vintage Postcards, Stamps and Other Collectibles (08/12/04 Diane Hamments USA)
Individual stamps, stamp assortments by country and wholesale stamps, both off paper and kiloware (Specialties: Postal Cards,Stamps)

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