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This page was updated:
26 MARCH 2012

(Look for the RED highlights for MAR. 2012 information).

This is a working page for information about the ETR Range Tracking Station #4, Eleuthera AAFB (ELU AUXILIARY AIR FORCE BASE), and I will be adding info received as time permits. You as a former Radio Corporation of America (RCA) or Pan American Airways (PAA) down range employee (rangerats) can share information with me. If you have info. about your time on Eleuthera AAF Base please send it to me. (Other employeees who worked at the ETR Eleuthera base are also welcome to submit information).

Click on the yellow box below to go back to the main page of the Range Rat Introduction page where you will find information about downrange people, where they worked, where they are now, their email address (if they wanted it published), what stations/ships they worked on, and news about those who have died etc etc.

I now have a Range Rat Sign-in book, to be used exclusively by Range Rats (and their famlies) that you can leave a comment of your experience on the range, where you worked, etc, etc. (See the other entrys in this book for examples, if you leave a comment or message not relating to the range the entry will eventually be deleted, for instance a "Howdy" does not qualify as an entry!). You can give your email address (its not required but its requested) so that other range rats can contact you.

Please do NOT use my "GUEST BOOK" to sign in, that book is for collectors who visit my website, and that is why I made a seperate book for use by Range Rats, called the Range Rat Sign In Book.

Perhaps you are looking for someone who you used to work with that you lost contact with, you could include it in your message in the sign-in book, or better yet send me an email and I can include it on this page.

Range Rat Sign-in Book

If you worked on the Eleuthera AAF Base, I would like to hear from you.
Send Email to Joe

    • Clyde E. Randolph who used to work at Eleuthera in the Crypto Center, and now lives in Tennessee, wrote this in the RR Sign-in Book yesterday and your editor has moved it to this page, he writes:
      • "My wife Betty and I are back on Eleuthera Island, enjoying our 50th wedding anniversary, we started housekeeping in Governors Harbour March 1962. We visited the base yesterday, it is falling apart, with growth of young trees and trash, however the bldgs are mostly still standing, but are falling down. The power plant still has all the equipment, just sitting there rusting away, there are 4,200kw generators rusting away. The radio equipment is still in the racks in central control The mess hall and the rec. room is full of junk. I was playing pingpong in the when President Kennedy was shot.

        We are spending two weeks here, the roads, electric, water, phone etc, all are very nice and plenty of beautiful homes, the roads are also very good. if you are in good health, this would be a great visit for you. Visiting the base really brings bad and good memories, however it is sad to see the condition of the base, as it is now."

    • Editors Note Thanks Clyde for your report. I know it will be of interest to many RRs who lived and worked at the ELU AAF base. It's such a shame that the base could not have been put to good use by the Bahamian Government. This has happened at a few other ETR bases, and some of the NAVFAC bases too. Such a waste.

    • Joseph (Joe) Richburg who lives in Fairhope AL emailed me recently to tell me about his work there, he writes: "I went downrange to Eleuthera in 1963 to work on the MISTRAM tracking system. Initially, I was assigned to the Precision Measurement SubSystem (PMSS), but ultimately I was assigned as the engineer over the Computer SubSystem (CSS). I worked for Dale Mowry who was the CSS engineer before me. Dale worked for Bob Giles who was the technical manager for the MISTRAM site.
      MISTRAM was a highly precise instrument capable of measuring 1/4096 foot point in space. It was used for tracking Minuteman, Polaris and other cold-war rockets. The Computer SubSystem was built around the GE M236, a 36-bit machine with features similar to IBM's 7094. It was a forerunner for the GE 600 line.
      I got my first computer hardware and software experience on the M236. When I left Eleuthera I was offered a job in the new Down-Range Programming Group at the Cape, but I didn't know what a "programming" title was good for so I went into an engineering job at the TechLab. I used my MISTRAM experience to progress in computer hardware jobs, to get a Computer Science degree from FIT, to become a Chief Computer Scientist for Harris Corporation, to do computer marketing for DataPoint Corporation, and ultimately to found and operate three successful software companies of my own.

  • 23 SEPT 2006, UPDATE, Identifying the people in the below pictures: RODGER FOWLER, who worked for RCA, identified himself and the others in these pictures posted 19 June 2006:

    • Through the help of Thomas Kimball, (WA8UNS WEBPAGE) , I was able to obtain these pictures, one of which is shown below, click on the other pictures to see them in a larger format.
    • Eleuthera AAF Administration Building
      Eleuthera AAF Administration Building

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