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This page updated 28 Aug. 2010
When I was stationed on Ascension Island in 1971-72, I operated the Ascension AAF Local Post and did research to see what important anniversaries I could commemorate. One was the 30th anniversary of WXLR radio station, that operated on the island during World War II, which would occur in 1974. However I left Ascension in 1972 and since I still had an interest in Ascension happenings I decided to issue a cover from my FMF Local Post, which is shown below.

30th Anniversary WXLR radio station
First day of Issue of the 10 cent FMF local post stamp
commemorating the 30th Anniversary of WXLR radio on Ascension Island,
Cover cancelled December 30, 1974, Fort Myers FL.

The black on blue imperforated gummed local post stamp with a "wave" border depicts an outline map of Ascension Island, with a radio tower in the middle of the map and radio waves emanating from it. Around the outline of the map are these words: "1944 Armed Forces Radio Service WXLR Ascension Island SAO"

The FMF LP First Day cancel of crossed American and British flags also depict a reproduction of a "Free for victory, U.S. Armed Forces" design that was used on many WWII soldiers mail instead of postage. There is also a morse code symbol ( ..._ ) for the letter "V" (for Victory).

John C. "Jack" Murray who worked at the WXLR radio station during WWII autographed the above cover for me, it is signed: "John C. Murray, October 1945 to June 46, Disc Jockey for WXLR Armed Forces Radio."

WXLR LP stamp on backside of cover
A 10 cent non pictorial FMF Local Post stamp was also issued
and was placed on the backside of the cover and locally cancelled
with crossed flags of the Unites States of America and the United Kingdom.

This local post imperforated stamp has dark blue printing on white gummed paper has this text on it: "WXLR Ascension Radio, Armed Forces Radio Service, 30th Anniversary, X cents, FMF Local Post."

click for larger picture
Jack Murray Today

Jack Murray tells about the WXLR Station:
The building shown above was originally for the RAF personnel - I believe it was their aircraft radio set up. They deactivated it (to the best of my memory) in March of 1946. and that was the last of the RAF on the Island. Shortly after, the Armed Forces Radio Sevice took it over and it became WXLR. My Buddy Sgt.Rick Misivick somehow was able to become an announcer--- and I was the 2nd announcer. I have forgotten the exact broadcast hours I know we broadcast in the early afternoon and ended at 10 PM. We worked there on our off duty hours --- and were paid for the time we broadcast.

If you were on Ascension Island during World War II or worked on the contstruction of the airstrip on the island, I would like to hear from you. Please send an email to Joe Frasketi,:
Click here to send mail

Col. James B. Pritchard, USAF(Ret) from Estoril,Cascais,Portugal , wrote me in Jan. 2009 and made this comment:
During WWII I flew a B-25 to North Africa via the Southern Route. I landed on the Ascension Island in March 1944 enroute to Africa. This Southern Route was routine. Little existed there at the time except a small caretaker US Army Air Forces DF radio facility.

Victor J. Hancock from Richardson,Texas, wrote me in July 2005 and made this comment:
I was on a B25J enroute to Corsica and landed on Ascension after 7:25 from Natal. "Can't miss it, nothing else like it out there." This was on January 6th 1945. War in Europe ended and flew back to the States, landing again on Ascension for refueling to Natal Brazil. Wideawake radio had a beacon we could track out on for several hours and then pick up Natal Beacon. This, notwithstanding we had a very competent bombardier/navigator on board. Wideawake, during the war changed frequencies every so often as indicated in our secret orders. Seems the German submarines would try to draw us off course once they learned the frequency of Wideawake radio. Ascension was a wonderful haven for fuel starved birds upon which to land. Never have forgotten Ascension and never will.
WWII Memorial Stamp

During World War II, millions of men and women made countless sacrifices to ensure our freedom, and they will never be forgotten.

On May 29, 2004 the United States Post Office issued the above postage stamp to honor those who served in World War II and it depicts the newly built National World War II Memorial in Washington DC which stands as a tribute to these very deserving heros.

Additional information about this National Memorial can be found at this website:

Tribute to a Generation, The National WWII Memorial

Another good link I found about war heroes:
These are the real heroes (added 28 Aug. 2010)

The FMF Local Post salutes all the men and women who served their country in World War II. A BIG thank you for helping to make our country the BEST in the world. We also pay tribute to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country's freedom throughout the history of the United States of America.

Details of the FMF Local Post:
  • OPERATOR: Joe Frasketi, Jr.
  • EMAIL ADDRESS: Click here to send mail to Joe
  • LOCATION: Fort Myers Florida USA
  • START OF OPERATION: Dec 7, 1972.

A detailed article about the FMF Local Post and how it got started was published in the Nov/Dec. 1983 (Vol. 11, Issue No.6) of The Poster, the official journal of the
Local Post Collectors Society.
NOTE: this is the NEW official website of the LPCS as of Nov. 2008, please bookmark it and delete the old bookmark.

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